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Deed HMC80 twin pallet

Deed HMC80 twin pallet

The machine bed is integrally cast with nano-polymer mineral composite material, which has excellent vibration absorption and thermal stability, which can effectively improve the surface processing quality of the workpiece and the service life of the tool.

The mineral casting used in the equipment has strong shock absorption, and its vibration frequency is 10 times lower than that of cast irons. Under a large dynamic load, the stability of the accuracy of the machine tool is ensured, and the surface processing quality of the workpiece is increased by 20%.

The thermal conductivity is 1/20 of cast iron, and the specific heat capacity is 2.1 times that of cast iron. The deformation of the machine tool caused by temperature changes is effectively controlled, and the stability of the machining accuracy of the machine tool is ensured.


1. X-axis travel - 1300mm

2. Y-axis travel - 1100mm

3. Z-axis travel - 1100mm

4. Spindle center to worktable - 120-1220mm

5. Spindle nose to worktable center 250-1350mm

6. Maximum workpiece rotation diameter1250mm


1. Spindle Power - 18.5/22kw

2. Spindle Torque 649-770nm

3. Spindle taper BT50

4. Max speed 6000RPM

5. Drive type Belt/ Direct drive/ Gearbox


1. Size 800x800mm

3. Max load 2000kg

4. Table quantity 2

5. Minimum indexing 0.001’


1. Max.cutting speed 0-10,000 mm/min

2. X/Y/Z axis Rapid traverse 40/40/32


1. X/Y/Z axis positioning 0.010mm

2. X/Y/Z axis repeatability 0.008

3. B axis positioning 0.001’

4. B axis repeatability 0.002’


1. Type - chain type , BT50 40 tools

2. Maximum tool size(full/unfull/length) 112,250,350mm

3. Maximum tool weight 25kg

4. Tool change time 7.0seconds


1. Air Pressure 0.65MPA

2. Power capacity 65Kva


1. Control system & drive motors

2. Spindle oil cooling system

3. Gearbox reducer

4. Spindle

5. Tool magazine

6. Linear guideway for 3 axes

7. Ball screw for 3 axes

8. Pallet exchange system

9. Chain type +Screw type chip conveyor

10. Z axis protection cover

11. Rotary worktable

12. Spindle taper air blow

13. XY united protection cover

14. Air gun

15. Automatic lubrication system 16. Spindle air curtain dust-free 17. Spindle ring spray

18. Working lamp

19. Tri-color Alarm light

20. Whole machine cover

21. Electric cabinet air conditioner

22. Manual Pulse Generator

23. Ball screw Pre-stretch

24. Operation and maintenance manual

25. Sizing block and adjust bolts

26. Tool kit and special tools

26. Tool kit and special tools

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